Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fix unicode characters error for PHP 5.3.6 using FastCgi on Windows Server 2003

I have ever seen an error, the websites on my windows server 2003 can not show the unicode characters as normal in my language when I update PHP engine using ISAPI module to FastCgi for performance.

It was a bad day, when my customers called to me to complain about this. Because they can not read their website content as everyday, the characters are really crazy.

Yes, cause of this problems because I updated to PHP using FastCgi protocol. This protocol has some changes for mysql library.

To fix it,
- Open : Path_to_mysql/my.ini
- Find: default-character-set=.... and edit to: default-character-set=latin1
- Find: character-set-server=.... and edit to: character-set-server=latin1
- Start menu => Run => enter: services.msc => Find mysql service and restart it.

Okey, my websites came back as normal, work fine for me.


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